Altaera II

Hallowhall's Siege


As the game becomes increasingly complicated, an easily accessible record is becoming increasingly necessary. Recording all the history of the campaign has proven to be too intimidating, so please bear with me as I pick this up in the middle of things.

Alexander and Mar had left in the early morning to investigate sightings of ships approaching from the direction of Old Umbria, while Atta and Velken prepared their spells for the day and engaged in scrying. Through magic, it was confirmed that Joseph Hallowhall, former Raven Guard and one of the two chief military commanders of Old Umbria, was approaching the island at the head of a small fleet of ships. He was also accompanied by two significant prisoners: his former co-commander Lucas Cadell, and the Cleric of Vati which had previously betrayed Keldra’s location to the group.

Fable, learning that Lucas was prisoner, rode to the docks to meet the army. He attempted to bargain with Hallowhall for the release of Lucas, offering information in exchange for his freedom. After a tense exchange, Hallowhall attempted to arrest Fable instead, but his forces were unable to subdue him as he made his escape. Alexander had left the village previously to warn his companions at the castle, while Mar shadowed the army to keep better tabs on their movements.

The group rallied their allies and prepared to defend the castle, in an effort to prevent Hallowhall’s army from releasing Guisehelm from his magical prison. Alexander attempted to explain the situation to Hallowhall, who proved stubborn and resistant to the idea of compromise—he apparently distrusted Alexander, and believed that military force was so overwhelmingly in his favor that the group should surrender to him unconditionally. Alexander agreed to a willing torture session in order to demonstrate his sincerity.

In the course of the torture session, however, the Cleric of Vati employed mind-controlling magics despite his chains and in complete silence, overpowering Alexander’s will already shaken by torture. While controlled, Alexander was compelled to declare that he had been lying in order to stave off a military assault. Hearing this, Hallowhall released him back to his side of the battle.

When given a second telepathic command, however, Alexander was able to resist the command. Beaten and bloodied, he staggered back to Hallowhall and volunteered to be tortured a second time, in order to prove that he had been magically overshadowed and lying. Hallowhall was so impressed by his willingness to return to torture that he agreed to draw up an informal resolution between his army and the group’s allies. At the moment, his army is still in position on the island, which he plans to use as a forward base while he continues his coup.

Atta met with the Cleric of Vati in order to discuss matters of fate, and specifically his request earlier that she release Guisehelm in order to combat Blacklight. In the course of their discussion, it was revealed that (according to the Cleric of Vati) the Blacklight King is a new sort of god that exists outside the Halosian pantheon; that it uses the power of the Devourer, and seeks to destroy the Devourer’s avatar (Guisehelm) in order to fulfill their objective, the creation of what Blacklight refers to as The World To Come. The Cleric was then returned to Hallowhall’s camp, with the warning that he is capable of spellcasting through manacles. Lucas Cadell was also turned over to the group as a gesture of good faith, although he was unable to relay his side of the story due to Hallowhall keeping him sedated during the invasion.

Last of all, Atta made a series of prophecies at the end of the game, employing her seldom-used power to contact her divinities for guidance.

How can Guisehelm be returned to his prison? “He thinks as a beast, and can be moved as one—but he remembers being a man, and does not know what time has changed.”

What will happen if the mirrors are restored? “All futures shall be weighed and shattered in judgment. An end to slow ending: all else must be decided.”

Other than by destroying all his followers, how can the Blacklight King be stopped? “The Blacklight King is a god which believes itself to be mortal, and can die a mortal’s death: it shall endure only if mortals deny their judgment, and then endure forever.”

How can the cosmos be set right again? “A mortal must sacrifice all he is worth to end all worlds to come forever.”

Note, however, that there are four prophecies here, and only a 75% chance of accuracy.



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