Library Abbot


Almoch was first introduced to the PCs in session no. 8 of Altaera I, following their successful occupation of the Great Library of Malgrim. He appeared as the leader of a large pilgrim movement from Dremnen, claiming to have been inspired by a dream to lead his procession to the Library and save it from danger. Afterwards, he was viewed primarily as an antagonistic force by the party, who became involved in a lengthy internal power competition for the right to Abbot-hood ultimately culminating in the party ceding control of the religious cite to the Queendom of Talia.

Since then, Almoch has become a recurring character in the continuing campaign, primarily due to the presence of a Disk of Khazak at the library’s top floor. His cynical nature and love-hate relation with the adventuring group has, despite all probability, rendered him rather endearing.

In session 55, during the second attack on the Great Library, Atta officially ceded control of the Abbey to Almoch after his displayed command of the Library’s golem defenders, a function which Atta was unable to fulfill, and which historically could be performed only by the Abbot.

In Altaera II, Almoch has had no personal appearances, although he has been referenced in the backstories of every active character (with the exception of Alexander Petrovski). He is understood as having enacted extreme revisions to the library’s philosophy, and is considered to be by far the most worldly Abbot on record. Having heard from the party about the dangers of the Disks of Khazak and its erroneous scrying, he has ordered the disk to be buried. In the aftermath of the Twilight, he is known to have organized bands of “warrior-scholars” to personally record the world’s events, having lost faith in the age-old scrying method.

Personal details of Almoch’s life are relatively little known. It has been confirmed that he belonged to an aristocratic family, and he speaks with an extremely heavy Dremnian accent as would be expected of a family from the Northeast.


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